National Poetry Writing Month

by allisonkujiraoka

I have decided to participate (a few days late) in National Poetry Writing Month, in which anybody can try their hand at writing a poem a day for the month of April.  I will be publishing my attempts on this blog, as well as continuing to write other blog entries. 

April 5 :  Hindsight/Foresight

Sometimes things just happen; no one is to blame, or praise.

You’d think it’d be easier that way, but it’s not.

Fact-finding, fault-finding –both moot.

Scapegoats need not apply.

You could chalk it up to luck, good or bad, if you believed in that sort of thing.

Or you could chime in with Alanis and cry,  Who woulda thought?  It figgers.

But then again, irony is ill-understood, at best.

Holding on to the why’s and wherefore’s,

demanding answers of them,

drains our energies from the thing that lies nearest.

It doesn’t signify what you think, and it might not matter at all.