April 17: Meisei University, April 2013

by allisonkujiraoka

The cherry trees that line your paths are a charred pink

their brilliant petals scattered chirahora

And there is a traffic light at the entrance

where there was none before.

And now I see the signs and arrows

for the satellite high schools you host

not one or two, but three

evacuated from their irradiated campuses due north.

It’s been two years and then some

since I haunted the stacks

hunting fresh ideas on Wharton and Steinbeck.

I hear there’s a cafe in there now.

Copier, AV, keys, I’m learning you all again

And there’s no locker for my bags.

Shy as a newcomer in the faculty lounge

though the faces are familiar

I remember, but I cannot forget

It’s been two years and then some

but the kids are much the same

More earnest, in fact;

Ready for anything after all that.

When did you come to work here?

one inquired frankly.

Starting today, no looking back.