Jump Start

by allisonkujiraoka

I have not written here since the end of April’s National Poetry Writing Month. There are a few reasons for that. One is that I have had a writing commitment elsewhere for the past two months. That commitment continues, but I do not want to use it as a personal excuse to ignore the blog altogether. Writing poetry re-charged me and gave me lots of inspiration for how to take my writing forward. I picked up a few more followers for the blog along the way, for which I am very grateful.

Prior to the month of poetry, I increasingly felt as if I were writing myself into a box: one format that seemed to grow longer and heavier as the months progressed. This was not my original intent, and poetry month showed up right on time to rescue me from that pent-in feeling.

I expect that future posts will be a mixture–some prose, some poetry. Some things just come to me in verse form. What had been monthly or bi-monthly essays, what wordpress.com calls “long form,” may appear in shorter, more frequent blurbs. I might not have something “deep” to draw from my observations every time. We’ll see. I’m not promising things will be one way or another, but I did want to break my silence on this page and let the readers know I had not jumped ship. I so appreciate each one who reads and comments, so please stick with me.