April 9: Ellipses

by allisonkujiraoka

I didn’t say goodbye

when I dropped you off that night

I didn’t think I needed to

After all, you’d wait for me till next time,

wouldn’t you?

I’ll come by as I always do

with trinkets from abroad.

We’ll venture out, the two of us,

to try that curry place

hunt down the perfect pair of jeans

or shoes or anything we please.

We’ll pick up where we left off

on the phone the night before

one more link in continuity

our kinship at its core.

We’ll speak the shorthand

born of years and ties

and joy and grief in layers

slathered thick with loyalty

and mutual admiration.

I didn’t say goodbye

till then I’d had no need

No years nor miles nor circumstance

had ever intervened.

I didn’t say goodbye

it would have meant admitting

there was an ending.

You hesitated,

because you already knew

and wanted me agreeing with you.

You knew, I see that now

You told me,

now I hear with clarity

Your answers in ellipses

and your heart protecting me.