April 28: The Measure of a Mother

by allisonkujiraoka

What is the measure of a mother

back where you come from?

Must she always be prompt and proper,

not revealing a chink in the armor?

Does she brim with affectionate display,

announce her devotion, come what may?

Can she maintain her looks to a fault,

taking random insults with a grain of salt?

Is she handy with needles and ladles and

labels and phrases and sponges and shovels?

What was the measure of a mother

back in your time and day?

Was domestic help in her employment

a sign of weakness, the neighbors’ amusement?

Would she dare to forget an appointment,

a signed paper, a dab of just-the-right ointment?

Had her instruction been wise, her voice been soothing,

her demeanor bringing forth exemplary offspring?

Did her status require volunteering and

driving and scrubbing and idle-gossip-fearing?

What is your measure?

And is it accurate?

The amount that you mete

will come pay you a visit.